Roy Chhnam Cham Sne-35End


Miyakawa family is that the guardian of crane god in suki mountain, they guard the shrine of crane god generation after generation. Hoshino(p bird) accept Miyakawa family in suki mountain. People don’t know where he from and why he always look young. a number of them think that he maybe the crane god.

Long way back . crane god and his ally fox god came to the world to bless people. Crane god would back to the heaven to urge marry with star goddess Myojooji(chompoo) after his duty. Unfortunately, he met snow devil. she fell crazy with him. But he already had Myojooji. he refused snow devil made her so mad that she destroyed everything in suki mountain. Crane god and fox god tried their best to guard their people. Finally fox god sacrificed himself to lock snow devil into crane god’s shrine. Crane god whom been lived only did his best to recover suki mountain. he postponed back to the heaven and missed the timing of heaven door opened. So he had to remain in earth to attend the heaven door opened again .

Now is modern time. Thai student Rindara(chompoo) studies physiotherapy major in japan university. She was arranged to require care a touch girl who cant walk smoothly accidentally the small girl is Akira’s niece. So Rindara meets Akira(kenp) and falls crazy with him. One day, Rindara was helping Akira’s niece up stairs. She met Hoshino. Hoshino was so surprised that she will see him and immediately felt she may help him and Miyakawa family. So he talked to Rindara that he can cure the poor female child who cant walk smoothly and invited them to Miyakawa family in suki mountain. Rindara suddenly determine that suki mountain was thus far away her university and Hoshino was so mystery. So she wanna know exactly who he’s and find out everything by her curiosity.

Everything was be exposed step by step. Akira was the prince of Miyakawa family. And what happened among them in ancient? Devil were bring back again. So how should Hoshino/Rindara/Akira guard and protect suki mountain. Please looking forward the drama.Within the end, there’s a cheerful ending. Hoshino came to heaven to satisfy star goddess Myojooji. Akira and Rindara accept happiness too.