Plerng Komtech Sne-21Ep


Orawee and Tharn are perfect spouses with no child because Orawee’s always been busy together with her work. They plan to adopted the boy and therefore the girl, named as Aekaong and Atcharee who love one another and have such a lot attachment, even not be biology sister – brother. Orawee becomes a successful businesswoman, then behave bossy to Tharn, he feels such a lot uncomfortable with it. Vichuda is Orawee’s cousin, who takes care of the house for this couple. One day, Tharn roll in the hay her so as to be drunken. Orawee get mad when knew it, later ask him for divorce. Tharn takesVichuda and Aekaong out of this house. Aekaong and Atcharee still attempt to meet several because they begin to be crazy with one another until Orawee knows this. She cages Atcharee in house, not letting go anywhere. As time passed, Tharn and Aekaong life are becoming letter while Orawee decides to open up Atcharee as her daughter to society because she must set Atcharee with some guy who are going to be under her control. Ben is that the most suitable option for Orawee but he doesn’t like Atcharee , just think that she’s plain for him but got to marry her thanks to financial problem of his family. Aekaong must stop the marriage but Tharn doesn’t let him go and set him to marry Khunlah, daughter of Saeng Kham. Hearing that make Atcharee so sad. Eventually, Ben knows Orawee true color and what she has done to Atcharee , start to feel pitying her, later become romantic interest.