Louch Sne Tam Online-39End


Awatsaya (Anne) may be a fierce boss who secretly falls crazy together with her new young subordinate, Pranont (Mark). Because she must maintain her image as knowledgeable and boss she conceals this secret. so as to urge to understand him better and court him, she uses a web chat program, MSN, using the alias ‘Khun Ab Ruk (Secret Love).’

Their relationship starts to bloom, but is curtail when Awatsaya carelessly reveals her secret to the handsome and cunning director of the corporate Lipda (Peter). When Lipda learns of this secret, he tries to assist Awatsaya move forward with Pranont. However, he finishes up making everything even more troublesome when he secretly falls crazy with Awatsaya. The love triangle between Awatsaya, Pranont, and Lipda is unable to finish easily when another obstacle like Prip-Praao (Kim) comes into the image and pretends to be ‘Khun Ab Ruk.’