Komnum Plerng lbech Sne-28End


Janis and Rawee are are married for 3 years without a toddler . Rawee’s parents wants to possess a grandchild as he doesn’t pressure her about this. Loving her is that the most vital to him. Janis feels guilty. One day, meeting Rita who is being mad at her since they were child, finding about love. Janis adore Rita but she get this opportunity to ruin Janis’s love life . They’re on the brink of one another briefly time. Rawee feel against their friendship. Kanda who is Janis ally attempt to warn Janis about Rita but she always take side. Janis got to let Rita getting pregnant for her so hiring to be her assistant. Bringing them to be together. Nont, Janis’s brother, is into Rita. She attempt to refuse it when having some feeling for him due to revenge on Janis. Janis is being forced by her mother in law about the kid so will let Rawee and Rita being together. He attempt to avoid it because doesn’t got to hurt Janis. How is Rita and Rawee’s relation going with Janis plan? Will Janis do when knowing Rita’s purpose? How about  love life of Nont and Rita?