Komheung Mjas Prei-32Ep


This is basically the last a part of the 5 series. the primary part is Lep Krut (Cee and Yui’s lakorn). This series of novels was written while ago by a famous author “Phnum Tean”. It started with Lep Krut, Thut Naruk, Lah Phrakap, Majurat Si Rung, and finished with Sing Sang Pa. Singh, the character that appeared in Lep Krut is P’ek here. P’ek wont to work for the baddies. After he retired from the group, he returned to his hometown only to seek out out that his relations were killed. He later joined a thief gang lead by N’ek so as to fight the baddies. They both had a nasty past with the bad guys lead by Anun Amarin who is really his brother-in-law.