Jerng Klang komtech Jun Peal-27Ep


Khom,the eldest son, carried the center prince, younger brother Krateng ran to cover . But was hunted by many able-bodied men And as soon because the eldest and brother are going to be caught So he decided to inform him to cover quietly within the undergrowth and level the photo of him and therefore the medium taken earlier.

More than 10 years have passed… ..the enormous value of medicine has been robbed. The authorities therefore had to send a buster into the world there’s just one one that can perform this mission, and he’s lieutenant Colonel Meka Suwanwong (Euro-Yosawat Tawapi) or Makhawat Thawapi, who has disguised himself as a merchant selling agricultural equipment under the name of Mek Pharayu. Come meet with Net Dao (Nue – Papada Klin Suman) or Net Dao category. A tomboy policeman at Bang Dong Sua and joins forces to seek out the missing item by working along side the polices.

Perform the search for the important killer. The murderer of Pol. Lt. Colonel Ong, father of three brothers happened, the important killer was revealed. There was a tragedy and lost life. With tons of drug stories at stake Who is that the real killer!