Chamnorng Sne Adit-24End


An ill-fated romance between a handsome high ranking soldier (Tono) and a slave (Jui). He’s wealthy. She’s poor. He’s of high status. She and her father are indebted; therefore, she becomes the collateral to their debtor as a slave. they need already developed feelings for every other but their relationship is impossible because they’re two worlds apart. However, that does not stop him from pursuing her.

Chud (Tono), our pra’ek, lead guy, hero, falls head over heels for the gorgeous , sweet, and type Bua (Jui) but is arranged to marry Pitt (Pim), the daughter of a wealthy and prominent businessman in town who also happens to be Bua’s father’s debtor. Of course Chud doesn’t want to marry Pitt because he already loves Bua but when he finally confronts his father about it, it is too late. Pitt is confident that Chud will marry her and is unaware that he and Bua are in love . When Chud calls off the engagement/wedding, Pitt is extremely pissed, disappointed, and embarrassed because everyone in town already knew about it causing Pitt and her father to “lose face”. Soon enough, Pitt learns from her loyal servant, Duang (Pin), that Chud already has a lover and later finds out that it is Bua. Pitt tortures Bua, along with Noi (Fang), Bua’s sincere friend who is also a slave.

Seeing that things has worsened, Chud, with the assistance of his younger brother, Chai (Ak), fire up plans to free Bua and Noi. Finally, Bua and Noi shake Pitt’s torture. Chud decides to require Bua away for awhile until things in their hometown is better while Chai and Noi stay behind watching tearfully as Chud and Bua sail away during a boat . Chud and Bua make it about halfway until they run into and listen to a woman’s cries from a much bigger boat. Chud and Bua enter the boat expecting to seek out a lady who is parturient when it’s actually Pitt faking and setting the scene. Pitt chains Chud and Bua together and stabs Chud within the stomach. Then, she tied a rock to their feet and threw them into the river to drown to death. Fast forward many a few years later into subsequent lifetime, all of them meet again and therefore the next chapter starts…