Ambos Sot Sne-26End


Jarawee and Tomnai are servant who must attend province for his or her master, coincidentally meet in train. They introduce to every other that they are a toddler in wealthy family, later determine its not, just servant an equivalent . . . . . Jarawee and Tomnai plan to change their goal to every other master, Thippayarng is Jarawee’s, sweet, gentle and soft head. She must be taken care by Jarawee all the time. Thongchan is Tomnai’s, player and frivolous, always be helped on work by Tomnai. They finally reach the goal. Thongcharn have crush on Jarawee for her beauty as Thippayang is attrated by Tomnai’s look and sweet. Finally get marriaged for 2 couples . . . . . But it is not worked, Tomnai plan to divorce because bored of Thippayang soft head. She always hear other one and begin the matter on him. Meanwhile, Thongcharn desire to overpowered by Jarawee because she’s smart and may work for him. His mother love her such a lot . Eventually divorce also . . . . . Jarawee and Tomnai are reunion on train just like the first day they met. They plan to introduce to every other for his or her true color not decieve anymore.