A Cat With a Rare Fur Goes From Black to White in One Year

  • Elli was an ordinary tuxedo cat, until one day her fur suddenly started to turn white.


The uncommon story of Elli’s color change began when someday her owner noticed a couple of flecks of white on her fur that used to be solid black. Nicole took Elli to the vet where she was diagnosed with vitiligo, a rare skin and hair condition that causes the loss of pigmentation. In some cases vitiligo will be accompanied by other medical issues, however luckily enough Elli was healthy otherwise.


  • What began as a few white flecks on Elli’s body soon turned into something truly surprising.


In the months following her vet visit, Nicole watched how Elli’s patches of white grew bigger day after day, giving her a completely new appearance. Elli’s fur transformed so much that it took her only a year to become a white cat with a few black marks on her face and body. Surprisingly enough, her look is still changing, and she is probably on her way to becoming all white. “She’s still changing every day, and I love her more and more,” Nicole said.


  • Despite dramatic external transformations, Elli’s character hasn’t changed.


Nicole keeps her followers updated with Elli’s transformations via her Instagram account, where she often posts collages showing the way Elli looked before and after the changes. It’s interesting that Elli’s sister Rosie hasn’t changed at all and she is still that same tuxedo cat that Nicole adopted in 2016.