31 Pictures Showing The Fun Of Living With Dogs At Newfoundland


1. “I like this! Is there more?”

© f1xedgear / Imgur

2. Even when they have a bad haircut, they still look as sweet as ever.

© dannygally / reddit

3. They’re the most precious pups no matter whether they’re big or small.

4. “If there’s snow, the Newfie will sit.”

© NickFromNewGirl / reddit

5. Who would be able to resist this dashing fellow?

6. They might be big, but boy do they like to cuddle!

© meyvos / reddit

7. This is a very serious puppy who’s had a ruff day at work!

8. “Ollie likes to come to tennis practice and help out!”

© mozman68 / reddit

9. They know what they want… walkies all day every day!

10. If one pair of puppy dog eyes weren’t enough, imagine 2…

© andyandtherman / reddit

11. They make friends, even if they’re very small…

© Thesmithos / reddit

12. They have good sniffers to find exactly what they’re searching for.

13. Who would be able to resist this little fluffball running toward them?

14. These brothers are only 16 months apart, and that bow-wow will protect him forever.

© mattsidesinger / reddit

15. Newfies are very inclusive and will be BFFs with just about anyone!

© newfy / reddit

16. Do they shed? Here’s your answer…

17. This little pupper is testing out his posing skills.

© andyandtherman / Imgur

18. “My Newfie puppy used to fall asleep with his head in the toilet.”

© Createurlov / reddit

19. Even when they’re sick they’re still totally heart-melting.

20. They are massive bears, perfect for protecting small puppies.

© snayar / reddit

21. But they are still just as adorable as the little doggos.

22. They are such good boys and girls and that it’s almost impossible not to say “Awwwww!” when looking at them.

© dorainite / reddit

23. How can you say no to these puppy dog eyes?

24. “Mom, really?!? A bow?”

© pengwynkitty / reddit

25. They rest in the most bizarre of places!

© andyandtherman / Imgur

26. “Those leftovers are for me, right?”

© Livane / reddit

27. Imagine playing with this fluffball every day!

© Foxless / reddit

28. “It’s a Bear! It’s a Mammoth! No, it’s Giant Dog!”

© TheOneTrueQueen / Imgur

29. Imagine this face waking you up every morning.

30. If you had a Newfie, you could have these little eyes looking at you all the way home.

© broodynewt / reddit

31. They might be huge, but they will also always be lap dogs.

© PinkyTaste / reddit