Tep Thida Tang12-63End


This is just consistent with previous verisons. Will change if anything different occurs during this version… Classical story of Nang 12; the twelve Sisters. A merchant insults the gods and shortly a flood strucks the land. he’s struck with poverty and shortly his wife gives birth to 12 lovely daughters. But 12 daughters and living in poverty is just too much for the merchant to handle and there is only enough for him or his wife to eat as every day passes. He asks his friend for a vision and his friend sees that the twelve daughters are going to be fine and have a wealthy life within the future; therefore the merchant decides to require his 12 daughters to be abandoned within the forest. First time, his wife got upset at him in order that they went back and was ready to find them again, because of Pao (the youngest and smartest) remembering the way back. Second time however, the gods weren’t on their side, and therefore the refore the dad takes them to be abandoned within the forest another time and the girls are soon lost. the oldsters went back to seem for them but they will not be found. Soon the twelve sisters finds themselves within the garden of Giantress Santra Santamala. Her, having no child, took pity on the poor girls, and decides to require them in as her own. She spoiled them and taken care of them like how a mother would. However, Maya (an older Giantress) who stayed with Santra doesn’t like humans and thinks they’re going to bring trouble and chaos upon Santamala and their kingdom of Yaks. Once, the women grows up, she shows the women a cave filled with bones and skeletons, scaring them away. The 12 sisters runs off and comes upon a Kingdom travel by King Rothasit who is ill. They cured the king and he married all 12 of them, though the King only love Pao but she loves her sisters tons so she allowed him to marry all of her sisters. Their happiness doesn’t last long, as Nang Yak Santra has tracked them down and located them. She puts king Rothasit under a spell and throws all of them during a cave. She then tells the king that she’s ill and wishes the eyes of the 12 to be cured. By the King’s order, all the 12 sisters eyes were plucked out, except Pao. just one of her eyes were plucked, beacause once they need to her, they got order from the King to prevent . Santra gave all the eyes to be kept back in her kingdom by her adopted daughter Mayree.
All sisters were pregnant and gave birth to still born babies. Being blind, they can not venture out nor had food, in order that they all ate their own still born babies. Pao gave birth to a healthy boy and names him Rothasen, and kept it a secret from her sisters.
Rothasen brings the eyes back to his mother and aunt, right when Santra was confronting his mother and his aunts. Santra was surprised to why he was back so soon, and she or he thought he had killed Mayree. With that, she dies from a attack . Rothasen puts the eyes back to his aunt and mother, however he tells his mother he can’t stay and must hurry back because Mayree may be a Yak(giant) and can’t come accept them.
Back at Santra’s kingdom, Mayree waits lifelessly where Rothasen had left her. together with her last breath, she tells the servants and Maya round her , saying that since she followed him this lifetime, within the next, he must be the one to follow her. With those words, she dies. Rothasen comes and discovers her lifeless body. With Mayree gone, his life is meaningless and shortly he dies of a broken heart too. And their journey into subsequent life begins…in Pra Sutton Manora…