Apear Pipear Banh Chhort Chit-26Snd


June (Noona) will take a task of a marriage organizer who is assigned to plan and coordinate a marriage for the most well liked of few the year, Pat (Pang) and Note (Bie).

Pat is that the hottest and famous actress. Pat features a boyfriend named Note (Bie) who isn’t a really successful cartoonist. After 3 years of dating, they announced that it had been time for them to urge married. After the announcement, the couple became even more popular.

All kinds companies wanted them as a few to be their product presenters. Many event organizers also wanted them to form appearance on their events. When Pat broke up with Note, they might not let the general public know because they still were under contract as a few … they might lose many money if they were not a couple. Pat and Note continued with their charade. the wedding would be in name only only.

June was assigned to plan and coordinate Note and Pat’s wedding. Pat broke up with Note as she began to line her eyes on Mek, a hi-so guy from a really rich family. Kim was June’s boss. He was secretly crazy with June but afraid to inform her.